Motorcycle Loans: a fair loan to purchase your motorcycle

Are you looking for loans for motorbike purchases, given that in the run-up to the summer you want to be able to have a “fresh” vehicle with which to go both in and out of town? Loans for motorbike purchase are certainly the ideal choice for all those who want to buy a new motorbike and enjoy the freedom that only a two-wheeled vehicle can offer. for an assessment

Loans to buy a motorcycle

Loans to buy a motorcycle

Loans for motorbike purchases allow, depending on the financial company to which you apply, to have up to 20,000 euros and more, to be easily repaid with the payment of monthly installments at a fixed rate and fixed amount, in order to have complete peace of mind by every point of view.

The bikes that can be purchased are both new and used, depending on your budget and what you prefer to have. In addition, there are usually no brand limits, unless you turn to specific financings, such as BMW motorcycle loans or Ducati motorcycle loans.

Loans for the purchase of a new motorcycle

The advantage of buying a new motorcycle is certainly linked to the fact that you can have a vehicle that has never been on the road, therefore absolutely reliable. Furthermore, even from an aesthetic point of view, there is the certainty of no scratches or imperfections. On the other hand, the price of a new two-wheeler is certainly higher than that of a used motorcycle.

Loans for buying used motorcycles

Loans for buying used motorcycles

The purchase of a used motorcycle is usually done by those who do not want to spend all the money usually required to buy a new motorcycle. The cost is lower, therefore, but you have to pay attention to the conditions of the bike and the engine since you could run into “rip-offs” if you are not careful. It is, therefore, better to contact a trusted dealer or have the bike checked by a good mechanic who can give his professional judgment.

Conditions necessary to access the loan

The necessary conditions to access the motorcycle purchase loan are:

  • be between 18 and 70 years old;
  • have a demonstrable source of income, such as a paycheck or tax return, in case you are self-employed.

The characteristics of the loan

The characteristics of the loan

Loans to buy a motorcycle are usually very fast in terms of response from the finance company. From the moment you request it, even online, you have a feasibility response (i.e. you know if the application has been accepted or not) even already within 24 – 48 hours.

Refund here is the detail

The installments to be repaid are fixed for the entire duration of the loan, therefore there are no worries and it is possible to plan the budget correctly and without problems. The repayment of the installments takes place monthly via RID, i.e. direct debit from the current account, or through a postal bulletin (to learn more about the latter method, read about loans with postal bulletins ).

Loans for motorcycle purchases for bad payers or protests

Bad payers and protesters can, in any case, apply for a loan to buy a motorbike, but it should be borne in mind that it may not be so easy to get them, precisely because of the past credit history, which is not so “immaculate”.