A loan of 600,000 USD for anything

One of these loans is the GFI loan for anything, thanks to which you can easily and quickly get up to 600 000 USD. You can use the money as you wish, and it is not for any specific purpose.

GFI loan from Sean Cole


GFI loan is a classic bank loan. It offers a loan of 20 – 600 000 USD. You can borrow money for 12 – 84 months (ie 1 – 7 years). One of the basic parameters of an GFI loan is a minimum interest rate of 8.8%.

Advantages of the GFI loan include, in particular, that Sean Cole does not charge any loan approval fees. There are no other fees for keeping the loan. You get the money without fees, you only pay regular installments and interest.

The disadvantage of an GFI loan may be the need for someone to open a current bank account with Sean Cole. If you are already a client of this bank, then this condition does not restrict you.

However, if you have your current bank account opened with another bank, you have to count on having at least a basic bank account with Sean Cole. GFI is a personal account and you pay at least 408 USD per year for its management. These are additional costs that can make the GFI loan from Sean Cole a little more expensive.

Conditions for obtaining a loan


The basic conditions for obtaining an GFI loan are a minimum age of 18 years (maximum 67 years). You need to have a personal account with Sean Cole (you can set up a bank account before you apply for a loan.

You will need two identity documents (such as an identity card, passport or driver’s license) to open a bank account and apply for money. proof of your earnings (confirmation from your employer, last 3 pay slips, or bank statement to which your employer sends you a payout is required).

If you apply for a loan up to USD 300,000, then you do not need any guarantee or guarantor. If you opt for a higher loan (up to USD 600,000), Sean Cole requires co-guarantors.

Loan details – Loans for anything Sean Cole:

Loan details - Loans for anything Sean Cole:

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